Employer Resources

WV restore staff is available Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm at the number below with any questions current/potential employers of participants may have, as well as employers who think one of their employees may need assistance from WV Restore.  Feel free to use our referral form below to report an incident with an employee who needs to contact Restore, as well as an issue with a current Restore participant.

Also Provided on this page are forms for quarterly progess reporting of currently employed Restore participants, as well as information on Substance Use Disorder in nursing.  

For Referring current employess to Restore please call a WVR staff member at the number below, if after hours CLICK HERE and a Restore staff member will contact you. You can also simply click on the referral link on the home page of this website form more referral information.  To access an online submission form CLICK HERE.  Reporting to Restore does satisfy the mandatory duty to report in the nurse practice act.   

For Reporting an incident with a current Restore client please call WV Restore or if after hours                 CLICK HERE and a staff member will contact you (please include the participants name).   

If you need to fill out a Work Performance Evaluation for a current Restore participant CLICK HERE

For information on a manager's role with a nurse who may have Substance Use disorder,                         CLICK HERE.  

To request a Fit to Perform Continuing Education, call WV Restore or CLICK HERE

For General Referral information, CLICK HERE