About WV Restore

WV Restore is the name designated for the WV Nurse Health Program, it was created by Senate bill 379 in July 2012:

  • 30-7-11a: (a) “In order to encourage voluntary participation in monitored alcohol, chemical dependency or major mental illness programs…any person who holds a license to practice registered nursing in this state or who is applying for a license to registered nursing in this state may enter into a voluntary agreement with a nurse health program…”

In addition to its primary mission statement, WV Restore has adopted the following objectives:


1.      Ensure public health and safety through a program that provides education, early intervention, and close monitoring of Registered Professional Nurses who may be unsafe to practice due to the use of drugs including alcohol and/or a psychiatric, psychological condition.  (§30-7-11a)

2.      Protect consumers from impaired practice; WVR requires that the Registered Professional Nurse withdraw from nursing practice immediately and refrain from working until WVR is assured that the Registered Professional Nurse is fit for practice and can safely return.

3.      Facilitate early intervention, thereby decreasing the time between the referral of the Registered Professional Nurse to WVR and entry into an effective treatment and recovery process.

4.      Coordinate rehabilitation and provide monitoring for Registered Professional Nurses in a therapeutic, non-punitive and confidential process.

5.      Provide a cost-effective alternative to the traditional disciplinary process for registered professional nurses.

6.      Develop and maintain a statewide resource network of appropriate services for WVR participants including approved treatment providers and programs, nurse support groups, etc.