When to make a referral to WVR (Some Common Examples)



  • An individual has a positive pre-employment urine drug screen result for any illegal substance or any non-prescribed, legal substance (ask the individual to reveal all current medications prior to screening).
  • At least two people witness an individual with alcohol on his/her breath in the workplace.
  • An individual has a positive blood alcohol level and/or the individual's urine specimen tested positive for alcohol.
  • You obtain a positive urine drug screen result for an illegal substance.
  • You obtain a positive urine drug screen result for mood-altering substances and the individual cannot or does not produce a current valid prescription.
  • An individual is visibly/physically impaired while on duty regardless of whether (s)he is taking prescribed medications or not (e.g., falling asleep, slurring speech, staggering).
  • An individual displays a pattern of forgetfulness, poor practice judgment, inability to perform, medication errors (generally non-narcotic drug involvement if a mental illness only), physical deterioration, isolation, moodiness and/or mood swings.
  • A home health practitioner is a no show, no call for scheduled patients, and drugs/alcohol or mental illness is indicated (e.g., alleged to have tampered with or removed controlled substances from their patients' homes, or is charged with a DUI or possession of controlled substances while driving to work or to their patients' homes, or has displayed signs and symptoms of a mental illness or other impairment while on duty).
  • PRN patients report not receiving medications when a certain individual is on duty.
  • You notice a pattern of an employee giving drugs at inappropriate intervals or with an order.
  • You discover a paper trail of controlled substance discrepancies indicative of drug diversion and the evidence points directly to a particular employee.
  • An individual is found in the bathroom with a needle in his/her arm and a vial on the floor.
  • If in doubt, but you suspect drugs and/or a mental illness may be involved in a workplace incident or anytime you suspect that a violation of the Practice Act has occurred involving drugs and/or mental illness.

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Referrals to WV Restore can be done several ways: 

1. You can call WV Restore during normal hours of operation.  

2. Simply fill out the online submission page HERE  

3. You can also just leave a general message using our contact form and we will call you back to do this CLICK HERE.